About Me

Who am I, and how can I help you?

I graduated from Texas State University in 2004 with a Bachelors in Communication Design. I went on to work for Dell for a couple of years then moved back to the Dallas area to begin my career in public education. I spent six years with Lancaster ISD five of which were in the Technology Department. I then started and began teaching a new Computer Maintenance program there. I was presented with a wonderful opportunity at Cedar Hill ISD in 2012 to combine my love for Graphic Design with my knowledge and skill from my IT career.

My philosophy of education is simple. Reflection is key. Reflect on your own actions, and thoughts. Ask your peers and students to do the same. Understand that there is no right or wrong answer in self reflection, as the ultimate goal is growth. Our purpose as educators is to ensure that all students are continually pushed to the highest level possible. We are to challenge them with though provoking problems and issues that exist in their world. We must adapt to an ever changing society to ensure that students at any grade level are prepared for the future. An educator must be a visionary. Look into your crystal ball and see into the future. Do not prepare a student for tomorrow, but rather for five or ten years from now. Most importantly. Don’t simply think outside the box, but help your students question why the box even exists in the first place.

As a life long learner with a growth mindset, a learning manifesto is a constantly evolving thought process. Technology drives our world at such a fast pace you have no choice but to continually adapt to it, or find yourself left behind. This is a core belief of mine regarding the use of technology in the classroom, and the educational process in general. It’s no longer about the destination, but the journey, and utilizing all the resources available in order to be as efficient as possible.