Learning Networks

Learning Networks are valuable resources in all industries. The networks below will focus primarily on Education, Design, and Technology. Some of these sites are professional organizations that I believe are worth investing in, some are professional trainers, while others are just great resources. I hope that you are able to find these as useful as I have.




Adobe Education Exchange


This is a place where educators can come together to share ideas utilizing Adobe Products





Texas Computer Education Association


The best benefit of TECA Membership is the yearly convention. This conference is a week long and has classes all day each day covering every topic you can imagine in Technology. It’s a great place to go and learn about new technology as well as pick up some tips regarding tech you are already using in the classroom. You can learn from professional trainers, company representatives, as well as other teachers.








I first met Amy Mayer several years ago at a conference. If you ever have a chance to attend one of her training sessions, no matter what it is, go to it. She is full of energy and provides an amazing way to link any technology to your curriculum.






Creative Cow


Creative Cow is an online space that has been around for a while. It’s most useful regarding the forums as it allows you to connect to other professionals and keep up with new techniques in a variety of programs. I use it primarily for Adobe products






American Institutes of Graphic Arts


AIGA is a great resource for any designer, and has been a leader in the design community for many years.

Joe Dockery


Joe Dockery is an Educator and Trainer in Washington. He has many useful tutorials. Some of the most valuable information is regarding the Adobe Certification Tests.